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My Safe Pass - Your Pass to Freedom

Earliest detection for better

protection and early treatment

MY SAFE PASS™ is a powerful 1-minute test that screens for olfactory dysfunction, a common COVID-19 symptom and one of the best indicator signs of COVID-19 infection. Scent Disfunctions are a common early symptom of Covid-19, but most people do not notice them, especially when it is a partial smell loss (hyposmia). You can not test for this unnoticed symptom with MY SAFE PASS™ , your dependable early symptom screening test. Our multi-ordorant 5-point scent card screens for a range of olfactory dysfunction and helps catch the power hidden signs. Stop the spread with better dectection of Covid symptoms and signs.

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  • FDA Registered Class II Exempt Medical Device

  • 97% Specificity, 87% Accuracy, 3% False Positives *

  • Validated in Peer-Reviewed Clinical Trials (Yale, Gates /GHL)

  • Prescribe to every incoming office visitor - Prescribe to all patients as preventative Care

  • Insurance and Medicaid Fully Covered to $20.00 per card Billing Codes Available upon Request

  • Become a Wholesale Distributor/Product Indemnity


  • Screens for unnoticed symptoms related to Covid-19.

  • Stop the spread of Covid-19 by identifying olfactory dysfunction, a strong early and often hidden indicator symptom that is highly associated with Covid infection. 97% Specificity / 86% detection

  • Accuracy  Simple & non-invasive – child friendly!

  • Keep your environment safe with an easy-to-use tool.

  • Free software data management and data monitoring for employers.

  • Identify outbreak locations with back-end reporting.

  • Self-daily progress monitoring for users.

  • HIPPA Compliant.

  • Safe & affordable for everyday use.• Visual, fast & easy to use.

  • Results in 60 Seconds.

  • Save your test results to your wallet for verification and entry to participating partners. 

  • Ideal to quickly screen large crowds.

My Safe Pass

1-866-664-9119 ext 3

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