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MSP uses advanced technologies to identify unnoticed changes in your ability to accurately smell. Normal ability can change without you ever noticing these slight changes. Sensitivity degradation occurs due to viral infections, they also are early symptoms of Neurological disease.  Concussion and TBI also temporarily cause Olfactory disorders.
Use MSP to rapidly screen for these unnoticed and undiagnosed disorders. Safe, Effective, 60-second, affordable, Insurance covered screening tool.

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Smell Loss and Neurologic Disorders

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Can a concussion cause loss of smell?

It's long been known that people who suffer a major concussion can lose their sense of smell temporarily and also develop affective problems, such as anxiety and depression. Now scientists have found that's true even for people who get a minor concussion. 

Hit your head, lose your sense of smell - ScienceDaily

"Surprisingly, a test of olfactory function is not currently a part of the concussion protocol even though smell loss has been a common occurrence following head injuries. A test of olfactory function and CTE in real time would be a “game-changer” in our understanding of repetitive head injuries. A 5-min smell test given by a single technician could objectively track CTE over time." Science

NIH - Head trauma and olfactory function
Click Here for links to 62 studies.

Disorders of Taste and Smell in clinical neurology. These disorders commonly occur in head trauma. Click here

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